15 Mini Goals for 2015

  1. Eat out less. By eating more food that I’ve prepared at home it will be healthier and save money. This means no more buying donuts on my way to or from work :( be right back, crying…
  2. Spend 5-10 minutes in solitude 2 times per week. I’m shooting for Sunday and Wednesday evenings. I know 5 minutes seems like nothing, but try it..it’s challenging, but so good for the soul.
  3. Continue to blog. Consistently, too! It’s fun, reflective, and helps me grow as a writer – so why not?
  4.  Meet up with at least one of my friends that I have not yet met in person. Seriously, it may sound weird to some, but I’ve grown super close with some of my Instagram and Facebook followers that I’m just dying to hangout with face to face. In this case especially, technology rocks!
  5. Become a good listener. I’m not naturally a listener whatsoever, so this is an area I think I can “only go up from here” in, HA! This one is going to take a lot of practice. Like I’ve said before, maybe if I write more I’ll talk less.
  6. Actually use my Pinterest account for more DIY crafts! I can’t be the only one who pins things for days, but never actually goes back and does them, am I???
  7. Fast & do detoxifying cleanses once a month. Even something as simple as cucumber water for a day would be a great way for me to focus on my health and my relationship with God.goalss
  8. Explore new music & attend more shows. Eric should make this one pretty easy for me to do. He’s my source for new music & rockin’ shows.
  9. More frequently engage in conversation with random strangers. You can learn so much from others and brighten their day by simply saying hello. Instead of rushing through life and going through the motions, I want to really live.
  10. Stop picking! Ok girls, I can’t be the only picker…whether it be my face or anxiously picking at the skin around my nails, I want to stop. It causes breakouts when I pick at things that only I can see and now that I’m 23 it’s time to treat my skin more delicately. :)
  11. Wear my glasses confidently. I’ve never liked the feel of contacts and for whatever reason I’m self-conscious in my glasses, but I need to get over it and wear them for the sake of my sight.
  12. Dive into scripture deeper and listen to podcast sermons. I’ve been inspired by my roommate who’s listening to preachers on podcast’s while she’s cooking or getting ready. Never again will I use the excuse “I don’t have time” to read my bible or mature spiritually.
  13. Let my phone die on purpose. This will be hard for me. I’m really attached to my phone for a number of reasons, but every time it dies and there’s not a charger around, I have a peaceful feeling and I think it’s healthy to detach often.
  14. When saying “Hi, how are you?” while passing coworkers in the hallway, actually wait & listen for their answer. I’m so guilty of saying that phrase out of habit without pausing to listen and care. I don’t like that. I can love others better if I truly listen. Perhaps more people will begin to open up to me about how they really are.
  15. In June Eric and I will say “I do” and I want us to explore together and be spontaneous. Even if it’s packing some food and hitting the road without a plan, I want to keep having fun and enjoying the little moments in life with my best friend.

 I accomplished all of my 2014 goals, but it didn’t happen by accident. I was intentionalfocused, and held accountable.

  • Intentional: attacking each goal on purpose. For example, one of my goals was to read a certain number of books in the year & I did that by determining how many books per month that would be if I wanted to pace myself.
  • Focused: how badly do you want it? No matter what you’re goal is, focus on why you’re wanting to achieve it & keep reminding yourself of your “why” which will help you stay self-disciplined and focused.
  • Held accountable: find someone who will push you to keep at it six months into the year. My soon-to-be hubby, Eric, and I typed up our resolutions for the year and gave each other a copy so that we could check in on how we each were doing as the year progressed. It became a consistent part of our conversations all year long.

I didn’t wait until October to start going after my ambitious resolutions. I started right away and kept that go-getter mindset month after month. This is not me trying to boast, so please do not receive me in that way. It’s just that I know YOU (really anyone) can accomplish all that you want to in this new year, too! It’s so much easier to achieve the things we long for and dream of when we decide what it is we truly want and put a plan in action. Your plan should consist of short and long term goals to help you tackle the big goal.

I can’t wait to see how much I can accomplish and the success I can have in this new year. Notice I didn’t say I can’t wait for what 2015 will bring… Heck no, I’m not waiting around…I will bring “it” to 2015! 

Set some goals & get after it! After all, being a go-getter is truly sexy.

XO, Manda


5 thoughts on “15 Mini Goals for 2015

  1. On the “dive into scripture deeper” note- Just recently in the past few months I have found I started playing various podcasts of sermons from various preachers I admire. I play them while I get ready every morning, sometimes while driving, while cleaning, and basically while doing anything at home. Sometimes I am really tuned in and other times it is just in the background. However, I have found that just this little act has inspired a hunger and desire to dig deeper into the word, and also sets the tone for my day! At first it seemed odd, but after a day or two, I missed it when I didnt tune in to a podcast! I highly encourage this and I think it will motivate you in other areas :) Thanks for sharing your goals, they inspired a few of my own!

    • Haha! Really? I would have never guessed that… I’m only giving them up during the week to save money. Weekends & when they’re bought for me by my lovely friends or handsome fiance is a whole different story ;-)

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