I know I’m too busy when I struggle to “find time” to read. I’m always hustlin’ and going after my dreams, yet I desire to live presently in each moment of every day, requiring myself to slow down. That is something I discussed in a previous blog post Stop Glorifying Busy. I’ve have been working extremely hard at saying no more often and valuing time in solitude. It’s been such a challenge for me. But you know what they say, challenge equals change. If you wouldn’t call yourself much of a reader, I want to encourage you to give one of these books a chance. For my fellow bookworms, these titles are well deserving of a spot on your “must read” list. I’ve got quite the mix, too. From inspirational/religious to humorous or fiction, you’re bound to enjoy at least one of these! Yes, these are super different and random, but I truly enjoyed them all. With Spring break just around the corner, you should add one of these to your luggage.

Simply click on a book to purchase.

GBT5LLL&RSMYPRLSCTBYTLDKTSOTGZZCCNTKOGEINTY How do you find time to read? Do you enjoy reading? What books are you drawn to? Now that I’ve officially publicized that I’m a nerd, would anyone be interested in creating a BYOB party in the future? Bring Your Own Book and Beer. At this social gathering we could trade books, beers, and hangout. I am always up for trading a good book and am trying to discover more beers that I may like! Oh the sacrifices you make when marrying a beer-lover.  Maybe I’ll organize a BYOB party this summer! In the meantime, I would love to hear from y’all. I want my blog to be a place where people communicate, hence the TALK concept. Comment stating your all-time favorite book and/or a recommendation for me to read in the near future. As you can see, I’m up for just about any genre!

XO, Bookworm Manda


10 thoughts on “BYOB

  1. Adding all of these to my audiobook reading list (if you think reading makes you nerdy, audiobooks are a whole different level of nerd, but perfect for a boring desk job!).

    I just finished listening to I Am Malala and WOW what an amazing story and amazing book. Few books have made me as grateful to live in a place where being a female doesn’t limit the things I can do as this book did.

    • Audiobooks are the greatest! I want to get into them more for long car rides. Thanks for sharing :-) I read I Am Malala and you’re so right- that book made me appreciate education and my freedom in the US so much!!

  2. The 5 love languages is a MUST read! I read it years ago and it has helped in so many ways. Looking forward to checking out your other books!!! Thanks for the recommendations:)

      • That’s awesome! !! :) You know… I think they change over the years, which is so neat. Great book, might need to reread it! Oh there is 5 love languages for your children, too!

  3. ;) I love this idea. I was literally contemplating starting a virtual bookclub earlier this morning but then thought there is so many out there. I like your idea though! I am such a hoarder of books!

  4. The 5 Love Languages is my FAVORITE. I learned a lot about myself and my relationship style from that book. Great idea for a BYOB.

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