A Make Up Letter to Love

Please forgive me for seeking the approval and recognition of others. The very flawed human that I am longs for acceptance. My heart knows that you will forever accept me and welcome me with loving arms, but still I run away from you towards temporary quicker fixes. Shamefully, I realize all too often that I am living for the world rather than for you. My desire is to give you 100% of me. My heart. My thoughts. My attitude. My actions. My words. My intentions. My purpose. Your Word makes it clear that riding the fence isn’t an option (1 John 2:15-17) and I don’t want to be a dud in this relationship. Relationship, could I call what we have a relationship anymore? A relationship requires communication, and Lord, I’ve been slacking. I think about how my relationship with you compares to my relationships here on Earth and I’m baffled and disappointed in myself. Why do I put people, even people I love so much, before you? Without you, they wouldn’t be present for me to love. Despite how truly amazing those people are, they are human and flesh will fail. You, God, you alone never let me down. I’m so sorry I’ve treated you like I could ‘take ya or leave ya.’ Forgive me for being so self-centered. Forgive me for thinking of my glory and not yours. Forgive me when I have trampled on the hearts of others because I was so busy gaining attention for myself. Thank you for selflessly dying on a cross for my sins. You lived a perfect, sinless life and died a horrific undeserving death to show me what true love is. You made a way for me through your death on the cross. Your example throughout scripture snaps me back to reality. The reality that true greatness is found in serving, completely, no matter the cost. You shared a meal with your friends and proceeded to demonstrate what love is. You, the King, humbly washed the feet of your disciples, despite the devastating truth that you would be betrayed by one of them. I cannot imagine washing the feet of one of my friends all while knowing that she was going to betray me and help my enemies kill me. You demonstrate love without condition. You are the perfect example and the one I choose to live for. Today, I pray that you would re-invade my soul. Allow my passions and talents to glorify you. Keep my heart breaking for what breaks yours. I ask you to help me specifically when it comes to balance. Balance of my hobbies, goals, and relationships. I believe that you are the way, the truth, and the life. Nothing can separate your love from us. Even when we fail, because your love never fails.

Let my life point others to you.

XO, Manda


2 thoughts on “A Make Up Letter to Love

  1. Thank you Amanda!! I soooo needed this! I’ve really been struggling with this a lot here lately and in a weird way its comforting knowing I’m not the only one going through this struggle alone!

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