Monthly Letter Of Encouragement

I shared this on Instagram and received such a great response that it made me want to put it out there for everyone who may not follow my IG account. Introducing TalkPrayShop’s Monthly Letter Of Encouragement.

I love writing. I love encouraging. I love building relationships. I love getting snail mail. So that’s what this is about. Opening your mailbox to find another bill a personalized handwritten letter of encouragement from yours truly once a month.

Are you interested? Sign up by simply emailing your name and address to me. I promise I won’t show up at your doorstep like a creep. Although if you’re from California I may ask if I can come stay with you as an escape from the dreadful winters we have here in Indiana. Maybe you know a friend in need of some encouragement in their life…share this link with them so they can sign up. It’s amazing what comes from loving on others and building them up.

With that, I want to encourage you all to ask a friend these 3 questions today…

1) What’s new in your life?

2) What has God been teaching you lately?

3) How can I pray for you?

…& really listen intently for each answer.

Not only will asking those questions open up your heart and theirs, but those questions lead to conversation that is sincere and substantial. It’s tough being a girl because we love chatting with our pals, but often it goes to gossiping and this is one way to informally direct your conversation to better things that will glorify The Lord and add richness to your relationship. I credit my soon-to-be father-in-law for introducing and demonstrating this on our Carpenter family vacation. I’m so blessed to be marrying into a family that puts Christ at the center and models the lifestyle I want to live.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!

XO, Manda


2 thoughts on “Monthly Letter Of Encouragement

  1. I’ve just “tuned in” to your blog…and I must say…I look forward to reading it!! You have such a gift of writing. I call it “inspiring but whimsical” ! Your love for Jesus shows through your words…and throwing in a tad of fashion and food doesn’t hurt either!

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