Over in the Blink of an Eye

And just like that – Spring break. is. over. Wahhh! As much as I love my classroom full of little rugrats, I indubitably enjoyed devoting all of my time to blogging, reading, napping, shopping, and even splurging on a 90 minute massage! If you’re local, Ericka at Amore Salon & Spa is incredible and super inexpensive. In light of going back to school, keep in mind there’s only 7 weeks left until Summer vacation! Heck, at least I still get a summer vacation :-) sorry to all of you who aren’t in the education field…I just had to rub it in. You know that excited, anxious, giddy feeling you have when you’re looking forward to something? That feeling you get knowing that Summer break is only 7 more Monday’s away! Call me a weirdo, but I had that same feeling leading up to Eric and my engagement session with our wedding photographer. We met with Cat Alkire in downtown Goshen on Saturday, April 11th. In preparation for this photo shoot, I had been trying to prep my skin by taking off my make-up each night, workout per usual, and I even started taking Hair Skin Nails vitamins through Joan McCullough via It Works!Beach-29 I’m so glad that I did because my hair and nails have noticeably improved. Unfortunately, when I started taking them (2 months ago) I didn’t think to do before and after pics. Rookie mistake. However, I will give you my honest thoughts on the supplements.

  1. My hair did not grow drastically overnight, but I noticed my roots showing sooner than normal, indicating faster growth.
  2. My nails did grow extremely fast and weren’t breaking off or peeling anymore. I even had several people ask me where I got my nails done at and I got to brag that they were all natural :-)
  3. I’m not sure if I noticed a difference in my skin because at the same time that I started taking the vitamins, I also switched up my face regimen (details to come in a later post on that) but my skin is definitely more moisturized and there are no longer any flaky, dry patches!

Bottom line… I give these a “worth a shot” thumbs up because everyone’s body is different and if yours is lacking the nutrients for stronger hair, thicker nails, and healthy skin – why not try it out? They go for $33 a bottle which will last you for 1 month. Place an order here! I highly suggest that you look into all of the other It Works products for yourself because I hear from friends and family (whom I trust) that the wraps are revolutionary and the Greens boost their immune system so they aren’t getting sick nearly as often.

On the day of the engagement shoot I wanted to look my absolute best and I’m all for enhancing your best features, so I focused on my eyes. I used my new favorite mascara by Younique! Moonstruck

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

I swear this stuff transformed my lashes from short, blonde, & hardly there into Kardashian, sexy, can’t-miss-em cat eyes! Here’s the scoop on this mascara…it’s a 2-step process, but totally worth it if you want your lashes to stand out. I don’t use it during the week because who needs to impress 6th grade students? Ha! I do recommend it for special occasions and for those who want the fake eyelash effect without having to go through the trouble of applying fake eyelashes. If you’ve followed my blog for a short time, then you already know I’m a huge advocate for orphans. So the thing that excites me most about this post in particular is that when you make a purchase through the link I’ve provided, proceeds will go to a charity for orphaned children of Northern Vietnam thanks to Helen Gyorki, a Younique consultant with a heart of gold.  Beach-28

Since you’ve read this all the way through, why not head on over to my Instagram account next where I’m giving away one set of this fabulous Younique mascara!

XO, Manda


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