Life is Like Bubble Gum

Life is a lot like bubble gum.Engaged_AE-151You chew for so long to work up enough saliva to create the elasticity needed to blow air towards (but not through) the gum, producing a bubble. If you do it right, or the brand is Bubblacious, you can easily create a gigantic, pink bubble. For what seems like a split second the bubble is full, you’re content, and the “goal” has been accomplished. Then, it pops. Sometimes it pops and you can start chewing all over again repeating the original process right away. Other times however, it’s messy, requiring more clean-up to get it all back in your mouth before you can try again.

Ok sure. I’m stretching this analogy just a bit, but the truth is my life bubble-gum is full of bubbles. Most of which are fairly easy to create and not to brag but… pretty big! You see, “bubble” moments are those times that you’ve worked hard for or goals you’ve reached, leaving the feeling of contentment. Think of bubbles as the happy, carefree, what-could-possibly-go-wrong times. Those don’t ever last forever, do they? Let’s be honest, the bubble always pops eventually and when it does pop, that is the most crucial part of the entire process. 


Recently, I’ve had lot’s of bubble moments…getting engaged, finding our first home, being featured in a magazine, coaching Girls On The Run, etc. All of these have been joyous parts of my life.


But, the bubble pops quickly and out of no where…

I’m just going to admit it: it’s easy to be happy when everything is going well. It’s super easy to be strong when nothing is going wrong. Those bubble moments are wonderful, especially when you can just keep on chewing and blowing the next bubble right after another. The true test is when your bubble pops and it’s messy. Like when everything wonderful is happening and suddenly (as quick as the pop of a bubble) I find out that my dad has a heart attack and my grandma has to get chemo. I don’t handle messy bubble-gum splatted all over my face very well. As a matter of fact, I get quite the bad attitude. This is me coming face to face with the facts: I am selfish, I am impatient, I am spoiled, I am weak, I am flawed, I am ridiculous, I am human, and I most definitely need Jesus. 

How we handle ourselves during times of crisis and unfortunate events is a clear sign of who we are to the core and who we put our hope in. It’s something I’m not all that great at, but thankfully I believe in a grace-giving God and I believe I can make the choice to break bad habits. When my bubble pops and there’s a mess to clean-up, I want to carry myself the same way I do before the bubble pops. I don’t want my faith to waiver every time the bubble pops. Can you relate? 

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” Psalm 28:7

I experienced a different kind of bubble moment in the midst of hardship just yesterday when two amazing friends of mine took the initiative to prepare a week’s worth of meals for my dad during his time of healing and rest. This wasn’t a happy, carefree, what-could-go-wrong moment, but it was truly a moment of such joy and gratitude as I graciously accepted their blessing. How can you create a bubble moment in someone’s life this week?


Meals for Mark thanks to Dani & Meghan <3

If you feel like you’re constantly chewing on the bubble gum, but can never seem to blow any bubbles and you’re sick of it…perhaps it’s time to spit out the gum and get a new piece? Don’t waste your life away being unhappy, never reaching a bubble moment because you’re stuck in the rut of old ways. Get a new piece of gum and blow a bubble already!

XO, Manda

*Photos by Cat Alkire



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