Recovering Tanning Addict

I’ve always been a sun worshipper. Growing up going to the lake every weekend and all summer long may have had something to do with my love for being out in the sun, but it doesn’t excuse my lack of sun protection. Sunshine beating down on my skin while I layout and listen to music is almost as good as eating a Rise ‘n Roll donut in my book.

Lucky for me, I tend to get a pretty golden brown tan when I bask in the sun for a short time. I used to think that because I was getting darker and not showing any signs of redness, that I was OK. I thought that only people with really pale skin or red hair were the ones who truly needed sunscreen. I’m ashamed to admit that I even slathered on baby oil with friends and baked for hours on end daily from June – August in the Indiana summer heat. Insert: monkey emojicon with hands over it’s eyes. I was fully aware of the dangers of the sun and even knew of a person who died of skin cancer, but that didn’t stop me from spending all of my sunny days exposed to the sunlight unprotected. Even worse, I religiously began going to the tanning salons and using tanning beds at an early age because mom’s can’t stop you when they don’t know that your friend’s have tanning beds in their basements… 

Now, at the age of 23 years old I am starting to see wrinkles [Again, insert: monkey emojicon with hands over it’s eyes] and am certain that my good ole’ friend Mr. Sun has gifted me those fine lines. I had my come-to-Jesus moment when I had a mole removed recently due to signs of cancer. Blessed isn’t a strong enough word to describe what I am after having that mole removed and receiving confirmation that I do not have cancer. Ever since that scare, I’ve wanted to promote a healthy alternative to baking in the sun or artificial sunlight.

“Having a tan is attractive. Having skin sponsored by Doritos isn’t.”

Tan System

For the first time in my life last week, I got a spray tan to test out this healthy alternative. Because I get it guys, being pale is no fun; especially if you’re like me and are used to being shades of golden all year long. Unsure how it would turn out, I am excited to say that I honestly loved it! I was clearly shades darker than before, didn’t have to lie down for 20 minutes and sweat, and walked out of the salon with a clear conscious that I wasn’t harming my skin.

Tan line

Tan lines after my first ever spray tan!


Maybe you simply want to look better in your swimsuit at the beginning of summer or you have Prom coming up…a spray tan like the one I got would be the best route to go! You don’t come out orangey or streaky. I know I’ll be getting another spray tan for my wedding so that I look my best and don’t have to apply any face make-up while I’m enjoying my honeymoon.

You can get your tan on HEALTHILY at Tiki Tan with a Custom Airbrush Spray Tan for 1/2 the price just by mentioning that you saw this article on Talk Pray Shop!

That means you can have a beautiful tan for only $15 that lasts 7-9 days on average without putting your health at risk! This offer is good for the Tiki Tan located in the Centennial Place Plaza next to Flourish Boutique and Gigi’s Cupcakes in Granger, IN.

Let’s spread the word about alternatives to fake-n-baking so that we can save our skin from cancer, wrinkles, and aging one person at a time!

XO, Manda


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